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Why Sleep with NED

  • Bedtime Partner

    Sleeping with NED shows you care.
    NED brings couples back together. 

  • Sound Sleep

    While silent sleep is music to the ears, it's also recharging and revitalizing to the body. 

  • Anywhere, Anytime

    Whether in flight or in a hotel, NED makes silent sleep on the road simple and convenient.

Sleep with NED

NED is a patented, revolutionary anti-snore device.

It’s small and simple. It’s comfortable and cost-effective.

Silence your snoring today and #SleepWithNED


Who is NED?

Answer:  NED is the name of a patented anti-snoring device.  It stands for “Nasal EPAP Dilator” which is the technology it uses to produce its unprecedented results!

How do I use it?

NED is simple to use.

Here are some tips on how to use NED (and what to expect!) to get the best sleep possible. 
Please watch and read this to ensure optimal results.

Is NED comfortable?

Answer:  NED was designed on the cornerstone of comfort and effectiveness.  Its soft silicone reinforced with foam is gentle on the nose.

But it's important to know: NED can take several nights to get accustomed to.

Part of its revolutionary technology is called EPAP (Expiratory Positive Air Pressure). What this means is that when you exhale out of your nose, you will feel resistance. This is good! This means it is working! 
But this back pressure tends to take a couple nights to get use to. After a few nights, the slight resistance against exhalation becomes very comfortable and natural, like a deep slow breath. 

We understand the frustrations people experience with other products. Things like mouth guards, tongue depressors, chin straps, and even C-PAP machines can be quite uncomfortable . But we're sure that after a few nights of sleeping with NED you’ll wonder how you slept without him.

What results can I expect?

Answer: Our customers have experienced INCREDIBLE results.  We encourage customers to use Snore Recording Apps to see just how effective NED is. 

Does NED require additional materials? (like C-PAP: humidification, hoses, masks, etc…)

Answer: No, the NED device consists of a pair of nasal dilators that are re-usable. We recommend a three month reusable cycle (before disposing).  A strap can be purchased and attached to the device and used as an additional accessory to secure the device in the nose.

Most people do not use or need the strap. However, some people find they like the strap because it helps hold the device in place. This tends to be true for more “active” sleepers – who tend to roll around.

Is NED reusable?

Answer: Yes. Unlike other snore options that have to be thrown away after use, you can reuse NED. We recommend a three month reusable cycle (before disposing).  

What if I'm a mouth breather?

Answer:  Inherent in NED’s design is “dilation” which increases the cross-sectional area of the nasal cavity while preventing collapse of this area.  The collapse of the intra-nasal passage is frequently what precipitates mouth breathing.  NED is designed to defend its users against this!

We believe NED’s ability to improve nasal breathing will significantly reduce or eliminate mouth breathing.

How does NED work again?

Answer: NED stands for: Nasal EPAP Dilator.

It is a nasal dilator which improves one’s ability to inhale. It is combined with EPAP technology to prevent the narrowing of the airway that leads to snoring.  EPAP stands for: Expiratory Positive Air Pressure, which means when you breathe out, the flap design of NED creates intra-nasal turbulence and positive pressure that dilates the airway, preventing collapse.

The Technology.

The invention of dilation plus EPAP technology is the breakthrough at the heart of the NED device. The result is a small, comfortable anti-snoring device which allows snorers and sleep partners to again sleep in the same room while also providing both with a well-deserved restful night’s sleep. 

Nasal = the device fits comfortably in your nose

EPAP = Expiratory Positive Air Pressure = using your own breath to help keep the airway open

Dilator = increasing the cross-sectional area of nasal passage, improving inhalation, preventing nasal restriction and collapsing

Try sleeping with NED today – nothing to lose but snoring and restless sleep!

More Questions?

Here's a a video and a complete list of Questions and Answers on everything you need to know to sleep with NED.

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