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Treat Your Snoring with NED

  • Simple, Comfortable, Affordable
  • No hoses, no masks, no air pressure but your own breath
  • Travel with Ease
  • Silent Nights
  • Sound Sleep

What are others saying about NED?

Theresa M. – age 48

“I am a busy mom and full-time worker.  Since using NED I get high quality, restful sleep that has given me the energy I need for both work and my kids.  I’ve tried other things that simply haven’t worked.  NED makes traveling so much easier.  The sleep improvement, comfort, and convenience have been truly priceless.”


Andy S. – age 54

“I’ve been overjoyed to find NED. It is easy to use, and it works. My wife is quite grateful too! Snoring solved.”

Michael B. – age 47

“When I saw an article by Dr. Stock’s about this NED device, I decided to give him a call.  Using NED is the best decision I’ve made.  It is easy to use, I sleep through the night now and I have NO snoring.”