Who is NED?!

Answer:  NED is the name of a patent pending anti-snoring device.  It stands for “Nasal EPAP Dilator” which is the technology it uses to produce its unprecedented results! #SleepWithNED


Will NED be comfortable and stay in my nose?

Answer:  NED was designed on the cornerstone of comfort and effectiveness.  We believe we have accomplished both.  We have designed, prototyped, and tested NED optimizing for efficacy and comfort.  So far it has passed with flying colors with all of our beta testers.  If you would like to be a beta tester please email steve@ned.rest


What kind of results do you have with snoring so far?

Answer: We have had INCREDIBLE results with snoring so far.  We have tested the NED Device using a number of Snore Recording Apps.  We had testers sleep and record their sleep with and without NED and compared results.  Below is an example from a beta tester using SnoreLab for iPhone:


Will NED require additional materials? (like C-PAP: humidification, hoses, masks, straps, etc…)

Answer: No, the NED device consists of a pair of nasal dilators that are re-usable. We recommend a one month re-usable cycle (before disposing).  Additional valves are made available to be replaced each week to maintain peak performance.


How much will NED cost?

Answer:  NED is $25. This new low price is due to new production technologies that enable us to produce the device at the lowest cost possible while providing an effective and comfortable solution to snoring. You will be able to purchase NED devices with some Health Savings accounts (may require a Letter of Medical Necessity from your doctor).


The Technology.

The invention of dilation plus EPAP technology is the breakthrough at the heart of the NED device.  NED can be produced at low cost because of its small and efficiently 3D printed design. The device is printed out of high quality FDA cleared resin. Each NED device is small, inexpensive and easily integrated into a single unit. The result is a comfortable, efficient, customizable anti-snoring device which allows snorers and sleep partners to again sleep in the same room while also providing both with a well-deserved restful night’s sleep. It is hard to put a price tag on a restful night’s sleep, but if you could it would cost much more than the NED device’s price of 25 USD.


What is NED made out of?

Answer: NED is made from FDA cleared resin.


Is the NED device FDA approved?

Answer: The NED device is a nasal dilator. As such, it is an FDA class I exempt medical device to be used to help decrease or altogether stop snoring.


How will NED deal with mouth breathers?

Answer:  Inherent in NED’s design is “dilation” which increases the cross-sectional area of the nasal cavity while preventing collapse of this area.  The collapse of the intra-nasal passage is frequently what precipitates mouth breathing.  NED is designed to defend its users against this!

We believe NED’s ability to improve nasal breathing will significantly reduce or eliminate mouth breathing.

“How Does NED Work?”


Answer: NED stands for: Nasal EPAP Dilator.

It is a nasal dilator which improves one’s ability to inhale. It is combined with EPAP technology to prevent the narrowing of the airway that leads to snoring.  EPAP stands for: Expiratory Positive Air Pressure, which means when you breathe out, the flap design of NED creates intra-nasal turbulence and positive pressure that dilates the airway, preventing collapse.  In addition, essential oils proven to help reduce snoring may be added to the NED device via a slight modification.



Nasal = the device fits comfortably in your nose

EPAP = Expiratory Positive Air Pressure = using your own breath to help keep the airway open

Dilator = increasing the cross-sectional area of nasal passage, improving inhalation, preventing nasal restriction and collapsing

“I want to participate and help make NED a reality. Where should I start?


Answer: By requesting and reading this report you’ve already started and we appreciate it tremendously!!!

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