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3 Tricks to Reduce Snoring

Here are 3 quick tricks you can try tonight to reduce snoring:

#1 Sleep on your Side

The first trick is to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back causes the jaw to relax and tissues to collapse in the back of the throat. This narrows the airway and leads to snoring.

Trick: Sow a tennis ball in the back of a t-shirt. A body pillow also works.

#2 Cut out alcohol

Alcohol is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. When drinking before going to sleep, the natural muscle tone in the throat that keeps it open relaxes. This results in a narrowing of the airway, leading to an increase in vibration of the soft palate and snoring.

Trick: Skip the beer and wine

#3 OpenĀ  your Nasal Passages

Open nasal passages enable you to breathe through your nose with the air moving more slowly. Narrow air passage, leads to higher speed of air, and thus stronger force to vibrate the soft tissues in the back of your throat that lead to snoring.

Trick: A hot shower before bed can help open the nasal passages. Also a rinsing of the passages (with a neti pot) can help. Nasal dilators are the gold standard to maintaining this open passageway throughout the night.

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